Multi-Purpose Hall

Fundraiser by Deepa Academy

Due to lack of space The Academy is constructing a Multi-Purpose Hall in Bangalore to be used for various activities Like:

  • Dining Hall: This hall will be utilized to feed the differently abled (Blind) children everyday.
  • Art Plus Activities: This hall will be used to train differently abled (Blind) in Art & Handicraft training program.
  • Our children are expert in making paper bags, paper flower bokeh and many articles.The Art Plus is dedicated to the differently abled to train them and make them economically independent.
  • Cultural Programs: This hall will be used to train & promote Indian art & culture like, Classical dance, Folk Dance, Theater etc.
  • Ceremonies: This hall also be used for celebrating the special occasions like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary and many other occasions of our donors.
  • Many more....

This hall gives protection to all the inmates of the organization during summer & rainy season,

Project Details:

  • 25”X47” sq.ft
  • Total Carpet Area: 1175 sq.ft
  • Materials Used: Steel fabricated, Sheets, Bricks etc.